6 piece Orgone Tb set for emf protection home decoration travel

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We are now offering a 6 piece Quartz crystal Orgone Pyramid set with Turquoise and Copper for maximum EMF protection! We have found that orgone tower busters (tb's) set can be a quite robust and high quality functional collection of art! Not only is a set like this a relic and item of value it is a keep sake and hand made collection of Art that can be passed along to a special friend or loved one! Most who seek out our products are looking for the undeniable emf neutralizing effects that almost all of our clients and customers begin to experience and report after receiving our KayJay Wellness Orgone Creations.  Kay Jay takes tremendous pride in each creation and is ranked and regarded as some of the most knowledgeable dedicated crafters and warriors in the orgone field. secure protection for your home or office today or send as a gift to someone you know who has tried everything to improve or neutralize emf symptoms.  Join the  kay jay wellness Orgone movement today! orders normally ship within 48 hours do not hesitate to email us with any questions comments or concerns. be well good people!