KayJay Wellness MAIL ORDER PAGE no Credit Card needed

Hello friends you may now place your order for our products without the need for a credit card! We are now accepting Cash, Check, and Money orders

Simply click on our "Orgone Energy Products" link and make your selections by way of printing out the page of item or items in shopping cart or write item name or sku# down on a piece of paper and send to us in an envelope with order items selected and include your cash, check or money order payment, shipping address and a valid email address so you can be notified by email when your order ships!  All orders ship same day that we receive payment. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

                                                     send Cash, Check, or Money Order

                                                                        payable to : 

                                                                          Kay Jay

                                                                  1418 Baltimore St.

                                                                     suite # 12 - 201 

                                                                  Hanover Pa. 17331