2 piece Orgone TB set with Turquoise and copper

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A beautiful and lovely set of 2 Orgone TB creations that are made with quartz crystals, turquoise and copper for wellness improvement and EMF protection for wifi headache relief, home or office decoration or chakra energy balancing. You will receive 2 Orgone Energy TB's. These particular orgone energy TB's have quartz crystals as do all of our Orgone Energy products, black iron oxide, metal shavings, copper, and resin. A very powerful remedy for wifi headaches and very good quality affordable protection from harmful EMF and wifi radiation that can be carried around during travel or sat upon night stand, desk, shelf or any area of your home that could use a positive boost in energy! All of our Orgone products are hand made by a father and daughter team of very generous and dedicated Orgone Cratfers who not only craft these items but use these items each day for helping to maintain optimal wellness!