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Greetings and behold good people, KayJay Wellness is delighted to be able to offer a very essential line of bath products that will surely help aid and assist one in achieving noticeable improvements in wellness by consistent use of a variety of our all natural wellness products. Our line of bath salts, along with our hand made soaps all contain unique and special blends of all natural and essential ingredients that help rid the skin of exterior toxins, while replenishing the skin naturally with natures very own best and abundant minerals. Simply unscrew the jar and pour a couple of heaping spoonfuls into your bath water for a very enriching, replenishing, sensational bath like no other.  The difference in bathing with our all natural hand made soaps, and our all naturally scented bath salts will amaze and dazzle you as you begin to feel the increase in energy and improvement in daily maintenance of wellness.  Natural baths with all natural products is only one therapy that can be used with other Kay Jay wellness therapies that will surely go above and beyond in giving you the assurances and improvements in your wellness that are most likely needed. We have fallen a long way from our natural and divine beginnings and we have a long way to go to help redeem this earth and its human inhabitants. Join the movement and reclaim your wellness and begin your journey towards greener pastures of living by supporting and using the all natural hand made products we offer at Kay Jay Organite and Wellness Shop.  Our certified wellness consultant is available for your questions,comments, or suggestions. Simply email us for a free wellness consultation if you have any questions or special requests before you order our products.  We are here to help. May you live for love, so that love will live for you.