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Welcome to Kay Jay Organite and wellness Shop!! We offer Father and daughter custom crafted, hand made quality orgone energy devices, 100% all natural Organic supplements, and high quality Ormus also known as white powdered Gold which when properly used together can help dramatically improve one's overall quality of life and total and complete wellness! It is well documented that for any natural (non man made) ailment or imbalance the human body experiences there is an ample and sufficient fix floating around in nature. We at Kay Jay Organite and Wellness Shop have devoted over 15 years into the field of alternative healing and being wellness practitioners and consultants. We are able to say quite definitively that we have helped good people find alternative less invasive,safer, more cost effective ways to regain mental and physical wellness by using resources found abundantly inside of nature. It is our contention that personal wellness is not a job or task for your personal physician but a job for each independent human being to learn to do for his or her self. Ironically we have been conditioned to believe that only certified credentialed people who call themselves doctors and specialists are the only ones qualified to help us with our physical and mental ailments. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have been very successful at helping good people over come different ailments that are exogenous as well as endogenous to ones anatomy. Together we at Kay Jay Organite and Wellness Shop not only offer free consultation for usage of our products but we use every one of our products ourselves and are able to say we have experienced a stunning transformation in over all wellness and quality of life since we began this journey. We wish to share with you the same alternative path towards greener pastures if you are willing to receive the wise counsel and real life testimonies of what our products are doing for others around the world and can also be doing for you and your family. A little bit about Ormus.... It has always been mankind's ambition to make improvements upon his own limited longevity, health, knowledge, and power. Evidence now shows that thru proper alternative health protocols and the daily ingestion of Ormus will lead to to rapid improvement in brain function, awareness,heightened intuition and spiritual insights. In addition it has been documented that ormus is what the body's own immune system needs to be able to operate and perform at maximum and peek levels. Without taking Ormus along with your supplements you are basically pouring good money down the drain, for it is now understood in certain circles that without ingesting and absorbing ormus one cannot expect to provide his or her immune system with all the necessary tools needed, for shielding, healing, regeneration, thought stabilization, and other higher level psycho-spiritual attributes that enable humans to have human and divine godlike experiences on this earth. Without question our ormus can be used to help plants grow much better as it is a very good plant and crop fertilizer if not the absolute best. Quite simply if you see the benefits and gains that can be had by adding ormus to crops,plants, fruits, and vegetables then one can only imagine the huge benefits a human being stands to gain by regular ingestion of this mystical material. Our ormus is manufactured in house with only all natural organic materials and a process known to the ancient mystics called the wet method. Using this technique we are able to produce very good quality organic ormus that is safe for all to consume. We do insist that you start off small and allow your body to adjust slowly to the dramatic changes and effects that you will assuredly begin to experience while using our ormus. We offer ormus in liquid as well as powder form as they both perform the same. We find that the liquid works a little faster as it is absorbed almost instantly into the blood stream and effects begin very quickly. If you are a semi balanced individual in normal health and shape you can expect very empowering results from increase in intellectual processing power, as well as a very noticeable and pleasant medium tinged euphoria! The effects last for hours and are 100% safe and no side effects. It has been said that ormus restructures and repairs damaged only human DNA by giving the human body the lost components and traces of minerals that have been stripped from our food sources and causes most of humanity to be in an imbalanced state. Basically you and all other human beings have needed ormus in your life since birth. However you have been deprived of it for most of your lifetime and now we have a lot of catching up to do. The ormus has to literally go back and help repair and replenish all the damage done to our bodies over the years of feasting on junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, polluted air, polluted water, and other what not in our environments. Using Ormus one can begin to reclaim his or her wellness and set course to much greener pastures of living so long as one engages in an honest and consistent attempt at healthy living. It is suggested that you drink plenty of clean distilled water, limit or eliminate alcohol consumption, disengage from toxic pharmaceutical pills and medicines, while increasing your fruit and vegetable intake while taking ormus and trust when we tell you that you will begin to experience heights of wellness and overstanding that you never dreamed possible. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions we are here to help enlighten and answer questions to the best of our abilities for those seeking definite and immediate changes to their over all wellness and spiritual quest in this life. One Love Good People! Order today and get free organite with your order of KayJay Wellness Ormus!

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