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About EMF and Orgone Energy demo page

Welcome to the Orgone Demo page! Here you will find further general info on the phenomenon of Orgone Energy products and how they may be able to inspire you to level up to greener pastures of wellness and living. You will find that because of the very precious nature of Orgone we have to carefully weigh all words that we publish and cannot make any medical claims for obvious reasons. However if you have some intuition, common sense, basic intelligence, you shall be able to read between the lines and connect the dots on  some very powerful hidden and surpressed truths.  Let your journey begin.

pseudo Orgone pyramids like many you may find on places like "SCAMAZON" or "THIEFBAY" versus high quality authentic KayJayWellness hand made Orgone Energy Pyramids. These pyramids will do battle with the LED Lamp and the radiation detector will serve as the referee. See who wins the battle!

Welcome to the KayJay Wellness website Orgone demo page! We urge all who are new to this field of Orgone Energy and earth science, to Beware of the fool's gold Orgone pyramids, pendants and other so called "Orgone" products or creations. All Orgone pieces are NOT created equally! Be advised there are some online places you may have heard of before like "SCAMAZON" or "THIEFBAY" where there are thousands upon thousands of  Orgone pyramid copies or clones but in many cases they are all sizzle with no substance. To the untrained eye, newbie, or person completely ignorant of the concept and reality of Orgone energy, these 3 pyramids below would appear at first glance to be authentic Orgone pyramids. However these 3 pyramids below are lacking true Orgone components and are merely colorful paperweights in essence and will not function as true Orgone devices would function. The censorship powers that be have really been active at censoring, surpressing and gaslighting the phenomenon known as Orgonite! We have to be very careful of how we word and phrase our facts and truths regarding the potential of Orgone Energy. Make no mistake authentic Orgone devices are truly something to behold! 


These 3 above pyramids would not do anything in your home,office, or yard other than catch a few stares or glimpses.True Orgone devices whether they are pyramids, pendants, TB's, HHG's, or powered Orgone units will surely dazzle and intrigue almost any "good energy" human onlooker and it is common for most to describe a mild euphoria or calmness when in the presence of true and authentic Orgone energy devices!


One thing we at KayJay Wellness enjoy is the wonder and delight that is observed on most humans faces when they see for the first time the effect and presence of an orgone energy field. One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to illustrate the presence of Orgone is by way of standard entry level EMF detectors. It is always important to secure your Orgone pieces from trusted crafters, or vendors as there are some in the Orgone industry who have proven to be most dishonorable!

This is a touchy subject as well because for some orgonite seekers an Orgone pyramid is sort of a novelty or trinket that is desired for home and office decorative puposes, others seek the orgone pyramids for use with meditation, and then there are the energy sensitives, those who suffer miserably with the myriad ways of ELECTROSMOG  and 5G pollution and toxicity that we are being bombarded with in all metropolitan and many rural communities.  The following video demonstrations will leave no doubt in your mind of the undeniable powers and potential that lies ahead for the future of humanity if we can collectively explore, embrace, respect and protect the wonderous and majestical powers of Orgone Energy! 

Before you view the videos please keep an open mind and try to realize there is a valid reason why you don't see this precious stuff we call orgonite on the main stream news media nor is it taught in standard public or private school curriculum.In our view it is almost a crime to not teach this lost earth science to growing curious children, Children have shown us in no uncertain terms that they have a natural fascination and love for Orgone energy pieces. We have given thousands of pieces away to children and they always ask for more and are so mesmorized with the orgonite!

Keep checking back for updates we have so much content to share it will take some time to get it all posted to this website!

 more videos on the way! Keep checking this page regularly as well as our youtube channel to keep up with our latest content.

May the powers of Orgone guide and protect you and yours in all your travels!