6 REAL Authentic hand made quartz crystal heavy duty functional ORGONE Energy pyramids for emf protection

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A custom made home set of 6 REAL Authentic hand made quartz crystal heavy duty functional ORGONE Energy pyramids for emf protection shipped to your door after completing checkout!

Welcome to Kay Jay Organite! We offer Father and daughter custom crafted, hand made quality orgone energy devices which help eliminate or reduce the unwanted migraine headaches and negative symptoms from wifi devices and cell phones. Together we are KayJaywellness.com! We have been involved with organite for almost 9 years and have experienced a stunning transformation in the quality of our lives and individual wellness. Once we realized the power of organite and were able to apply within our own circle of influence we decided that there were many human beings across earth who could stand to benefit from the amazing powers of ORGONE living. We are well aware that many individuals suffer tremendous discomfort and unbalanced living due to the influx of harmful wifi, cell phone, and microwave signals that permeate our environment. Well if you are one who is highly sensitive to EMF then we can assure you that our products will certainly work for you and on your behalf. One cannot tell you about the benefits and experiences that organite can provide. One simply has to witness it for his or her self. We do this work from the posture of it being a noble work of earth and human redemption. We do not seek any profit in making these devices which cannot be said by many organite crafters. We are beyond generous and motivated by spiritual reward (karma) and not paper or electronic currency. We can afford to sell our devices at a much lower price because we have very low over head and as I mentioned we are not in this field to make unjustly prosper. We respect this craft and sacred obligation and are guided by the CREATOR.  We are the last of a dying breed who really and truly know and understand the benefits and dramatic improvements in personal wellness that can be had from the simple and necessary securing of powerful orgone devices. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions or send us constructive comments as we would love to hear from all of those interested in our noble work. We have a wide variety of orgone pieces shapes, colors, styles, ornaments, jewelry, all of which is designed to give you the added protection, tranquility, and peace of mind while navigating this plane of earth. We say One Love to all....and to all One Love. Live for Love so that Love may live for you. We are all about, free loving, free living, and free energy. We have a world to help heal and redeem and we are doing what is within our power to aid and assist in reshaping our current reality may help reshape the course of human destiny! kind and warmest regards brothers and sisters of earth, Kay and Jay